Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ding Dong The Witch is Dead...

I was on Facebook when the news started trickling out - Osama Bin Laden was dead. There were varying degrees of shock, celebration and patriotic pride and just a touch of fear. I think my emotions ran the gamut.

Over the last couple days I've been watching the status updates. From the conspiracy theorists, who claim that Osama is either not dead or has been dead since 2002, to the critics who are wondering why everyone is celebrating a death to the celebrators who are thrilled that this evil man is finally dead.

And then there have been the status updates that surprised me: Bin Laden is dead lets bring the troops home. Some of this is coming from military wives! Really?

I'll be honest and admit that internally I did a little happy dance to "Ding Dong the witch is dead" when I heard the news. Bin Laden was an evil man that caused an untold amount of heartache to thousands of Americans. He is responsible for so many deaths.

Would I have rather he accepted Christ and become a changed man? Yes.

But he didn't. And as Proverbs 11:10 states "When it goeth well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth: and when the wicked perish, [there is] shouting." Yes, that includes me. And I'm not going to be ashamed of it.

I'm also enough of a realist to understand that this was merely a small victory and hardly the end of the war. It's a moral booster for the American people - for the troops - but little more. The only way this affects my husband's deployment is to make it slightly more dangerous for him in the threat of retaliation. And that is a very real concern.

Killing Osama stops the war no more than cutting the tail of a rattlesnake kills the snake. To borrow the status update from my friend Limatunes "This whole "Bin Laden is Dead" thing reminds me a lot of the movie The Kingdom. At the end the one FBI agent asks another what he said to calm his colleague and he recalls telling her, "We're going to kill them all." Then later you see an Arab boy grieving over his dead terrorist father and to comfort him another man tells him, "We're going to kill them all." This isn't over.... not by a LONG shot"  I think she hit the nail on head with that one. He was a leader in this terrible war - but not the one solely behind it. These terrorists are not motivated be a person but by a deep seated ideal. Few things are so difficult to kill as this type of ideal.

As an Army wife I am more concerned than ever. Already the threat levels have been raised on all military posts (and I'm guessing all government related facilities as well as airports, etc.). Operational Security (OPSEC) and Personal Security (PERSEC) are going to be even more vital now. Please be understanding if I don't answer when my husband is deploying, what unit he is with, where he is going, and when he is returning. This is too public of a forum and "Loose lips sink ships." I have no desire to compromise my husband and his Unit's security even to the most innocent of people. (I'll go more in depth on all of that in another blog).

Today I am celebrating the death of a wicked man, I am mourning the loss of a soul, and I am praying for the safety of my husband and all Service Members in this time of war!

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  1. Katrina: I don't think anyone reading your blog should take issue if you do not discuss specific things regarding where your hubby is stationed or his unit or if and when he will deploy next or where. I agree with you 100%. The Death of Bin Laden is a victory and a morale booster especially for our brave troops. However it's not the end of the war and we as a nation still need to be cautious. I think most of us milspouses are feeling the same sort of excitement and concern/fear for what the future still holds for our service members.