Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday er, uhm...Thursday...

My friend Jennifer from Jendes Photography offered to take pictures for my husband and I before he deploys. Despite her son being in the hospital she sweetly took the time to snap some great shots for us and let me do the editing. I was going to put the pics up yesterday but between Doctor's appointments, picking up my sister at the airport, and spending some time in Seattle I just didn't get it done. So enjoy a select few some pics from our shoot :)

To see the rest of our PreDeployment Shoot check this link

(P.S. There were orginally over 300 pictures - I think I did a pretty good job of cutting them down!!!)

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  1. wow, you have such a cute family! Your kids are so stinkin cute. :) And mercy,'d you stay sooo skinny after have those little cuties? :)