Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm an Ingalls - It's How We Roll

One of the most frequent phrases I have heard since my husband found out he was going to deploy is "I would never be able to go without my husband for a year" or (variation) "I don't know how you do it!" And then people look at me as though I'm sort of a super human because I'm not a complete wreck with my husband being gone.

The truth is, I've never understood that sentiment. Women have been sending there husband's off to war since time immemorial. Most under conditions far worse than the situation that I am in. They would go for months, even years, hearing nothing from their husbands, raising their children and frequently having to eke out a living with no phones or computers or internet. These women were the true super heros.

For me, I'm just doing what I have to do to make it day by day. And honestly? I'm doing ok. Yes, I miss my husband like crazy; we're only a month into this and I'm already ready to be done. I have my moments that I break down and cry. Sometime if feel like throwing a crying fit to rival my daughter's - and that's really something - few people can throw a crying fit like she can! But most of the time I really am ok.

So how do I do it? Part of it is attitude. I look at it and say there is absolutely nothing I can do to change this so I might as well put on my big girl panties and deal with it. That's just life.

Part of it is being smart. (hey, STOP laughing!!!) By smart, I mean, admitting that I have limitations and knowing what those limitations are. Raising two small kids by myself in an area where I had no support group...that was a huge limitation for me. Just a few days without my husband and I turned into a complete wreck! So I am staying with family for the next year where I have an incredible support group...and built in babysitters!

Part of it is being a Christian. There is a huge amount of peace to be found in the Word of God. And a pretty powerful feeling to be found in prayer. Knowing that I have Someone that I can talk to that actually can, and does, control things? Yeah, that's pretty awesome. Learning to trust is the hard part.

But part of it is just being an Ingalls. It's something in our genes. We are sheer stubbornness and pride.We are strong. We are survivors. There is absolutely nothing that we can't do when we set our minds to it. And I see a challenge and there and I will do it because I am that strong.

Do I like it? No!

 Do I want to do it? That is a totally unqualified NO!

But I will do it. And I'll do it in a way that makes my husband as proud of me as I am of him.

I am an Army wife. I knew what is I was in for when my husband signed up for this life. And I'm an Ingalls. You just can't beat those genetics!


  1. I'm an Engels....(name was once spelled with an "I" as well.) Maybe it IS in the name :-)

  2. You truly are the best Army Wife I could ever ask for!!


    Your Husband