Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday and Thankful Thursday...All In One!

One of my biggest fears with my husband's deployment was that our two-year old Little Diva would forget her first love - her Daddy. She has always been a little Daddy's girl but two is a very young age and a short memory span. Especially with so many changes as have taken place in a very short time.

Two months into this deployment, I'm starting to think that I need not have worried. We Skype, we talk on the phone, and there are pictures of Daddy around the house. Her little face lights up when she sees her daddy on Skype and she promptly has to give the computer hugs and kisses. And when she knows that I am talking on the phone to Daddy she has to repeat "Hi, Daddy!" over and over until she gets a response. Then she gives my phone hugs and kisses. Every day my Little Diva has to give "Daddy" hugs and kisses before naptime and bedtime. This, of course, consists of the pictures that are by her bed. Every night we pray for Daddy as he is deployed that God will keep him safe. After we pray I tell her I love her to which her response is "Daddy loves me."  ::tears::

Today she said "Daddy Kuwait?" I told her he was. Then she said "Ana Kuwait?" I about fell apart. She misses him so much!

Nothing was quite so endearing, though, as when she decided to carry around the picture of Daddy for a day. He even went out with us to the store and to get some supper. It made me happy and broke my heart at the same time.

I'm so thankful that she still remembers and loves her daddy. That she misses him. That she knows that he loves her. And I'm thankful that she has a daddy that is worth being loved and missed!

Daddy going for a ride with his Little Diva


  1. Katie,
    We are praying for you and your family. Your whole family has always been such an encouragement and blessing to me, and I am sure that while you miss your husband tremendously, you are doing a great job of raising your "little diva" to love her daddy. I did a wedding Saturday for one of my teens (who is now an adult). I have seldom seen a young lady who had such a relationship with her "daddy" as this girl does, and it was probably the sweetest and most precious wedding I have ever seen. (Beside my own=-)) Have a great day! - Aaron King

  2. Thank you for the prayers! I hope that we are able to continue to cultivate that special relationship between them!!!