Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: The Little Farmers

Today a few of us stay-at-home moms got together and went to The Little Farmer. By few I mean there were four moms with twelve kids all ages 6 and younger. The kids were 6 and under. We won't say how old the moms are!

Anyways, we fed the goats, played in the playground, ate apples, and just in general had fun!

The Little Farmer!

Getting ready to feed the goats

The Little Diva surprised me by LOVING feeding the goats

The goats loved being fed

If you look very closely, the Little Diva is behind the steering wheel!

Sitting in a really big chair - the Little Diva was not impressed

My handsome Smiley Monkey

This is my friend, Sarah...she's actually older than me. Mother of FOUR boys.
You'd never guess it, right?

Riding the tractors!

Such pretty pumpkins!

My favorite little pumpkins!

Eating an apple!

A chilly but fun day :-)

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