Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Confessions: The Dark Places of My Mind

There are few places so dark and mysterious as my mind. Traveling it is like trying to find your way through one of those life size mazes that I'm forever getting lost in. In the dark. With no map. And only a pen light to guide you.

For real. It's no wonder that my husband is always saying that he can't figure me out!

Anything that enters my mind is pretty much destined to get lost. It's a miracle when anything finds it's way out correctly.

Yesterday is a prime (and slightly embarrassing) example of this. I was so excited about a Girls Day Out that I was having with a couple of gal friends of mine that I've known since...well, forever, but haven't been able to see much over the last 10 years. Starbucks, pedicures and then lunch - all child-free!!!

I was terribly proud of myself for arriving at Starbucks not even a full five minutes late. This is an incredible feat for me as I am horrible at time management; usually I'm about ten to fifteen minutes behind schedule. I like to blame this on my children. I was even more pleased to see that I had arrived before my friends so they wouldn't even realize that I was late.

I rushed in, used the restroom, then stood in line, ordered my drink and waited. By this time it was almost 10 minutes past our agreed on meeting time and I hadn't heard from either of my friends. I started having a sinking feeling that I was at the wrong Starbucks. A quick check on my phone confirmed that I was supposed to be at the Murdock St. Starbucks and I was at the Koeller St. Starbucks. Whoops!

I called Jen telling her that she was going to laugh at me.

"Ok?" she said

"I'm here at Starbucks...I just came to the wrong one."

"Did you think that that was this weekend?"

::More of that sinking feeling:: "Umm...yes?"

"It's next weekend - I'm out of town helping decorate for a wedding right now."

Yeah... "You're really going to laugh at me then because I'm not only at the wrong Starbucks - I'm here at the wrong week!!!"

Needless to say, she did  laugh at me. And we got it clarified that next Saturday was our Girls Day Out! My poor feet are still pedicure-less but I greatly enjoyed my Starbucks White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha and a little unexpected alone time shopping!

And? I get to look forward to another Starbucks coffee and a pedicure and lunch with friends!!!

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