Monday, October 17, 2011

My New Love Affair

Pinterest, oh, Pinterest, how do I love thee! How my heart quickeneth at the thought of you and my visage doth glow at the sight of you. You hath filled a void in mine life that I did not know existed until you entered my life. When we are apart I await, with bated breath, our next encounter. You are, to me, better than all the websites in all of the World Wide Web. Even the great Facebook doth not hold a candle to your wonders. You hold my interests, my fascination, my heart, and much too much of my time. You are my hero and I, your most humble slave.

All kidding aside - Pinterest truly is my newest and fondest addiction. I first heard of it a few months back but, after seeing how many of my friends claimed addiction to it, I decided I didn't want to get "involved." No matter how much toting of what a wonderful website it was could make me give in; I already have my too-much-time-consuming addiction to Facebook, I so did not need another addiction!

And then a friend sent me an invitation. I debated just deleting the email but after seeing a super cute project she had done with her son and finding out that she got the idea from Pinterest, I decided I had to check it out for myself.

It was love at first sight

A virtual pinboard to share ideas and recipes and personal styles and decorating ideas and craft ideas and funny sayings and awesome pictures and so, so much more - all in these perfectly compartmentalized labeled personalized boards. A way for me to save the websites and pictures of things that I adore without putting a bookmark on my computer toolbar and having to worry about losing it.  ::Insert hysterical squealing here::

The best part? They have an app for that!!! Thank you, iPhone. Now, I can spend hours on my phone browsing my friends pins and searching for anything and everything I can think of.

My poor facebook account has taken a back seat as my time is suddenly consumed with pinning. Within two weeks of getting addicted joining Pinterest, I had both of my sisters on and loving it and my mom even asked me to send her an invite. It is merely too wonderful to resist!

And now, I'll have to ask you to please excuse me as I see that there are new pins that I am simply compelled to check out!!!

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