Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Kissing Cousins, Best of Friends

Sharing some McD's ice cream :-)

These few months here in Wisconsin have been wonderful. For me and for my kids. I love the fact that they have gotten to know their cousins and aunts and uncles. Watching the bond grow - especially between my Li'l Diva and cousin, who is a mere 2 months older - has been one of my favorite parts. Hearing their giggles and watching the silly things they come up with, from jumping on the bed to running around the house being monkeys, they are always putting a smile on my face.

This morning Ana peered out the window questioning "Where's Jackson? Where'd he go? Where is he? I don' know! Looking for Jackson, Mommy. Jackson lost?" It was cute and funny and sweet. And while I know that she will miss her new best friend terribly, I'm so thankful that my Li'l Diva has had the chance to form this friendship!

Kissing Cousins???

Who stinks??? I do!!! lol

Eating Cake Pops at Their Special Table!!!

Two Peas in a, uh, ON a pod!!! lol

Watching 'Curious George'


  1. Thanks for stopping by, Its going to hit you really hard.. if you are able to read my posts from last winter when he wasnt here.. really hard but I had to pep it up for the kids which really makes it worse!! I hope this Christmas flies by for you as well as the rest of the deployment and he comes home soon!!!